endless spinning icon when sending.

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Hi, Please can you help?


I set up a form and we have been using the forms on a daily basis to collect data daily. Around 30 people send around 5 forms per day but over the past few days some are reporting getting the enless spinning icon when sending including myself.


The issue started on Thursday for a few people more on Friday and again today. Some use the form from there samsung phone other on there laptop usually with some Chrome and some Edge. I have asked them to swop and sen the link back out with some success but is happening again.


Is this a known issue?

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We are having the same issue.  The form has been in use for 6 months without a problem but started acting up yesterday.  Sometimes submit works, others the spinning icon with no logic as to why.


The form is used for Covid responses so a huge issue for us.  Any updates from Microsoft?  

Yup, also having the same issues sporadically but cannot find any information around this anywhere. This is used for a business critical process! 


Be great to have some kind of response from MS.