Emulate time and date input

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since Microsoft has decided that in its Forms world time doesn't exists, how you have emulated this type of input; how also with date?



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Hi @Marco Mangiante 


If you mean capturing timezones, dates and time, then I'd probably create those items manually in Forms.


Create a drop down choice list of time zones.


Add a Date.


Add another drop down choice list with fixed times in it (e.g. 00:00, 00:30, 01:00, etc). It will depend on the intervals you want to add.


It's manual but that will give the users a chance to input the date/time details.


If you are looking for the date/time of the form submission, the form automatically captures that in the background which you can use in things like Power Automate for workflows and what not.


Hope that helps with some ideas.


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Hello @Damien Rosario 


I played with Power Automate and seen the field that has submission date and time. I supposed that a dropdown was the best to use but I have thought to give to every control an number from 0 to 9, but your idea is interesting.


Sincerely I don't understand why Microsoft has created a calendar control without time.