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I'm new to Forms and have been asked by my Human Resource department to develop a Forms process for employee evaluations.  Sounds simple enough, but HR wants the form to be routed to several individuals during the process.  I have attached a high-level diagram.


Basically, once the employee fills out the form, they want it sent to their supervisor so the supervisor can complete their section of the employee's form.  Once that is done, they want the form sent back to the employee for their signature, then back to the supervisor for their signature, etc...


Is this type of process even possible within Forms?  I have looked a number of resources and have not found any information that speaks to routing the actual form for updates.


If this isn't possible, I welcome any suggestions.


Thanks for your time!

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@lmorris21 such a scenario is not possible with Forms on its own as you cannot have a form going backwards and forwards between people, it is a simple app that just allows for a form to be submitted. So you would need to build a system with a combination of Forms, a SharePoint list, Outlook and several flows in Power Automate to link them all up. Quite complex.


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Hi @Imorris21
I wonder if you ever found a solution for your form and getting signatures. If you did, can you share the results?

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@BrendanH nothing has changed since my previous post.


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