editing Microsoft Forms responses on the MS server

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Hi MS Forms experts,

I am a newbie to MS Forms. I recently created a MS forms survey and all went well. My client wants to update some of the responses in order to separate out some of the details into multiple answers. I know I can update the Excel version of the responses but that will not sync with the nice graphical Survey Summary that sits on the MS Server. Is there an easy way to update the responses on the MS Server? I know that there is a Power Automate method, but that seems very complicated to have to walk my client through this. If there is a step-by-step method of any kind, please provide. Thank you in advance :)

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@pro200gb There is no way to edit or update the responses on Microsoft's servers. With Power Automate you can automatically save each response into a SharePoint list (which we always do). But to get nice charts live the ones Microsoft provide you'd probably need to link up the SharePoint list and Power BI.


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Thank you Rob. I needed to have confirmation on that from an expert. Looks like I need to get up to speed on a number of MS tools. :)