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Hello everyone.


I need your help, is there any way that we could edit closing statement in Ms. Forms after submitting it?

I need to put some additional informations in closing statement.

Please help me, if you ever faced the same problem as mine.

Thanks you everyone.

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Kind of like a thank-you message? You could potentially create a Flow that sends an email afterwards, which isn't ideal.
For this reason I use SurveyMonkey as it gives me more flexibility - but that costs.
I'd suggest putting some feedback into the UserVoice site for Forms as that's where the product group listens.
Hi Riza

From my experience with MS Forms, there's no way that I know of to change the post submission message.

You could forseeably just add text (or an image) as the final text question before the visitor submits their feedback but that depends on what you want to say.

Forms is a pretty basic app at this time.

Good luck!