E-mailing Form results based on specific answers

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Is there a way to have the results of a Form e-mailed to a specific person on our team based on the a respondent's reply to a (drop-down) question? (i.e. option 1 chosen...results sent to Mr. X; option 2 chosen...results sent to Ms. Y; etc.)


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Hi @Thauck  yes this is quite possible but you need to use Microsoft Flow to do it, it's not possible within Forms itself. Within Flow you would have a trigger for "When a new response is submitted", the first action is then to "Get response details" and you'd then have what's called a Switch case action which would look at the option 1 response. If it was A, it would send the email to person A, if it was B it would send it to person B and so on. You could have up to 25 (I think) possible cases here.

Let me know if you need screenshots of how this works.

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