Dynamic Content (Date) in a Form, or other alternative help.

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I'm trying to create a form that asks for people's availability for 3 continuous days. The dates are sporadic, so instead of editing the form every time I need to send it, I am trying to find a way to add dynamic content into the form so that the date is changed based on when the form is submitted.  (which I don't think is possible)


The workaround I currently have (See Below) is to have the user select the date on their own, but I was looking for something where they wouldn't have to put in their own dates, it's just automatic. 


Any help with this, or better alternative would be greatly appreciated! 


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@JonnShea there is no way with standard Microsoft Forms to add any dynamic data. When I need dynamic data and the users are all internal I build a form with Power Apps.


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Thank you for your help. I figured as much but was kind of looking for alternatives to help out.