DR Exchange Server Cluster Failed to start - EventID 5398

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I'm having this issue with one of my clients where their DR server frequently down. Basically they have to restart or reboot the server then the problem will be gone temporary. But after few days or a week then problem came back, in the event logs comes out lots of critical and errors. As you can see below are few of the examples from the event log that I capture from their DR exchange server.


Anyone can help as to what I can do to troubleshoot this issue and how do I solve this? and What causes this to happen?


eventID 2.PNG

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@Eddy-365 you've posted this in the Microsoft Forms forum so I doubt you'll get a solution toyour problem here.


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Hi there @RobElliott, i wrongly tagged this post as Forms and i can't seem to remove it but thanks for the advice, i will try to post new ones