Does Microsoft Forms have Response Validation feature in regular Forms or Forms Pro?

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Google Forms has a feature called "Response Validation" where you can setup a quiz and you must answer the question correctly before moving onto the next section. 


I have searched all over the web to see if Microsoft Forms has such a thing. I found that it has branching however, it isn't what I was looking for, as it lets me continue on with the quiz regardless of the answer being right or wrong. I know Microsoft Forms has a Pro edition but I do not see anything that could correspond with what I am looking for. 


I have attached a screenshot from Google Forms. If the answer is incorrect, it will not allow me to pass to the next section until I discover the correct answer. 


Any help would be much appreciated. 

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@Jschm001 Forms doesn't have this yet. There are several uservoice requests for it. Start at


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Thank you for this information. I appreciate it!

I am new to Forms but found if I set up questions with the option "Required" switched on it did help to make sure fields are completed before moving to the next section. The only downside with Forms is that other than validating number vs text there is much in-built validation available. Hope this helps.