Display Form Unique ID after submit (part of thank you message)

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How do I customize the Thank you message to display the submitted form's unique ID? Instead of "Thank you for submitting a response" it will say "Your Submitted ID is ###". Dynamic content. 

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You can modify the "Thank you" message, but I don't think you can add dynamic data. I'd recommend searching through the submissions and upvoting where appropriate. Or create a new idea if none exists:
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@MaryChen what we do for our IT Support Ticket system (and for other systems as well) is to use a flow in Power Automate to save the form response into a SharePoint list and send the user a confirmation email with the questions & answers they submitted and the ID of the item in the SharePoint list. The custom thank you message says "Your ticket has been submitted, you will receive an email shortly with the ticket number." This way they know that their issue has been logged.  They get the email within about 60 seconds and it's worked well for about 15000 tickets so far.


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Thank you very much! I made the flow today with the help of a coworker in PowerAutomate. It is working well!