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I have an active survey with 25 responses - earlier today I accidentally deleted two of the questions.  I entered them back in exactly but the data isn't syncing.  The form is auto-saving.  Is there anyway to recover a previous version of the data from this morning before these changes were made.  I have only had one additional response so I would be happy if I could just get the earlier data to use manually later on!!  Many thanks.

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What you’re looking for is version history, that allows you to recover from a previously saved version. Unfortunately that’s not available with Microsoft Forms! You can register your vote for this request here:

@boneyfrancis Thanks for your response, appreciated.  People have been commenting and voting on this issue for over 2 years according to this link.  Is there any point adding my view given a future resolution seems unlikely?

Microsoft picks design change requests based on the number of votes in UserVoice- those with higher number of votes get added to their roadmap. Change starts from you, so go ahead and vote (as I did when you posted this question).

@boneyfrancis Thank you.  I have voted although I feel very disheartened given that hundreds of people have voted over the years and no action has been taken.