Deleted a question in a Form - lost response data

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My school wanted to improve the Microsoft Form we use to track communication with families (for Distance Learning). My principal sent me the link to edit the form, and I did. One change was to create drop-down menus for each grade level to select student names; I then deleted the previous question where people simply typed in student names.


At this point, over 300 responses had already been put in! I did not realize when I deleted this question, it would remove those student names from the excel spreadsheet of our data. Now, we have 300 responses detailing when students were contacted and related notes, but no student name to know who was contacted!


Is there some way to recover this data?


Potentially relevant context:

* the form is still live and people have been inputting responses since this mistake happened

* it is not originally my form; my principal created it. All teachers and admin in my district have Office 365 accounts


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