Delegate Ownership of MS Form from Disabled Account - Access Denied

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I am trying to establish a process for delegating ownership of MS Forms for when owners leave and their account is disabled (we don't delete accounts):

  1. This article says that this URL -\[*email address*\] - can be used by the "the global administrator or office application administrator of the organization" to delegate ownership.
  2. I have the following admin roles:
    1. SharePoint Administrator
    2. Service Support Administrator
    3. Global Reader
  3. When I use that URL with email addresses of recently departed users, I get an Access Denied message (note: I'm guessing the users I'm testing with don't have any Forms, but I'm also guessing this is unrelated to this message).

Access Denied.png

I don't see an Office Application admin role in the list of access roles, so I was assuming a SharePoint admin qualified as this, but this does not seem to be the case. Is there another role I need - apart from global admin - which will give me access to delegate ownership of MS Forms?



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The Global admin role is required to delegate form ownership.