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I normally insert the excel spreadsheet into OneNote. When I open the spreadsheet in excel the 'add-in' data refresh connection is now missing. So I'm unable to refresh the data and see new responses. I have to go back to the online form and reopen and resave the form. In excel the add-in is still present under 'my add-ins' but when selected it has no effect on the form.  What am I doing wrong! please help as I had this working fine last week, something has changed since the new features came out.

Thank you

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Hi Liz,


We have retired the data sync "Add-in". We are working on several new features, include native data sync.




Thank you for letting me know, When will the new data sync be ready as I have lots of Forms that were reliant on the old data sync? Thanks Liz

BTW, the data sync add-in should still work in exisiting Excel workbook, but in not new file.

@Zhongzhong Li,


Any updates as to when a native data sync from Forms to Excel might be coming?

Hi Pickerell,


Great question.


We release a new expereince for Excel survey in OneDrive for Business and Excel Online, and rename to Forms for Excel , which will help you create questions in Microsoft Forms and get real-time response in your Excel workbook in your OneDrive for Business.


The feature is under rolling out in O365 EDU, and it will take weeks for global deployment.


I hope you could enjoy the new expereince.






I have a continuing document in excel that I work on daily.  I am trying to refresh my pivot table and when I hit Refresh All the data that I would like updated and refreshed is not working. I hope I am asking my quetion correctly. Thank you.

Hello @evandern


Your message is possibly in the wrong thread, space and community. You should ask this question at the Excel community in the appropriate space. First check if anyone else has experienced the same problem you have. If not, then start a new conversation.


However, one thing you can check is your data source of the Pivot Table. For example, if the data source is from A1 to D100 and you add more information below row 100, the refresh will not work because the data is excluded from your pivot table data source. Just check the options in the ribbon while you are active in the Pivot Table, one of them should refer to the data souce, check that and expand it if necessary.


Next time you can ask your question in the Excel community. :)

I do not mean to be rude.  This is really bad.  By today, it has actually broken solutions we did have in place, it alters projects we had moving forward, and there is nothing in release [for us] to mitigate the problem.