Customize Warning Message for Non-Anonymous Forms

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Forms has a warning message for Non-Anonymous Forms that says "when you submit this form, the owner will be able to see your name and email address." I was wondering if there is anyway to customize this message. We are using this for an employee survey that we want to be anonymous in terms of employee names/email address, but we want to capture some data in terms of Department, Position, Location, etc. We are using Power Automate to leverage the email address to populate those fields, but not return the email address to the SharePoint List. I would like to update the default message to better explain what is happening, as the default message will be confusing to someone who has been told that their name will not be captured.




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@CMRotz no, that message can't be customised or deleted. Although you are not saving the name or email address into your SharePoint list it is not true to say that the response is anonymous because the data is stored in the spreadsheet that stores the form responses and, additionally, you can easily get the information about the user from the flow. You shouldn't therefore be telling your users that is is anonymous, that's a compliance no-no. You should set the form to be anonymous and then ask the user to select or enter the department, position and location information that you want to capture.


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