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I am an employee in a univesity, and we need to make a test for the students. We thought about using MS Forms (students' accounts are connected to the Microsoft system so we would really like to avoid using third-party services, as with MS accounts we don't need to track if anyone used fake emails to cheat).

But the test we have in mind should be available to re-take exactly three times per person; from a glance, Forms only allows to have either an option to take unlimited amount of takes per person, or only one reponse per person. 


Is there any way to restrict Forms to allow a single account from 'my organization' to take the Forms survey three times - no more, no less?


Thanks in advance.

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@mlkrn there is no functionality in Forms to restrict the responses to an exact number per person. It would be possible to build a flow in Power Automate that would grab each response as it came in, check a list in SharePoint and only allow the response to be saved to that list if the responder had already submitted less than 3 responses.


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