Creating pivot from Excel sheet on multi-select answer

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I've looked but can't figure this out - the charts in Forms Responses look great even with multiple-response questions. I downloaded the responses to Excel and I'm trying to recreate some of the pivot charts - but the multi-select questions export as semicolon delimited values.


If Forms can convert to a chart, I think I should be able to figure this out too, but so far no. Has anyone done this yet? I may need to ask over the in Excel forums as well, but thought I would start here.




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Once you export to excel using flash fill in excel 2016 will separate the multiple response answers

Thank you - I couldn't get Flash Fill to break it out but Text to Columns, based on ";" did break it out. Still not quite what I wanted, since it doesn't put column headers in right, but it's closer. Thank you for that suggestion.