Creating a survey using Forms where users do not have to login

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Our office has lot of field workers who access Internet on their mobile phones iPhones/Androids or tablets like iPads etc. For the most part, the mobile devices are company issued but sometimes they are personal devices.


We need to send out a survey to them daily and want to track their responses so we know who responded with what suggestions. We have multi factor authentication for our email via Office 365 so the field workers need to login to a Forms survey, which opens in a mobile browser like Safari and Chrome, using their Office 365 credentials. Logins reduce survey response rate as it is another step the workers need to do to take the survey. Another option is creating an anonymous survey but then we don't have reliable data as the workers need to self-report their name, email in the survey.


A. Is there a way we can identify the workers if they click on the Forms survey from their Outlook email client on the mobile devices(iPhones, iPads, Androids etc.)?


With desktop users we can configure their default browser to be Internet Explorer or Edge which does not need another authentication as those users are already logged into the company domain and using company devices. So, those users can take the survey in Internet Explorer/Edge and we can track who submitted which response.


B. Does Forms support passing cookies in the survey link which can uniquely identify the user when the user opens the link in a mobile browser? I heard some surveying tools like Qualtrics can do that, but we don't have a license for that.


C. If not, are there any ways to do what we need?


Any suggestions would be helpful.



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