Creating a format restriction for a phone number

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Is there a way to set up a format restriction for a Text field for a phone number?  For example, 123-456-7890.


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Hi @JR2020610 


Microsoft Forms doesn't allow for that type of formatting unfortunately.


I'd suggest using the subtitle to show an example of the desired format to help responders fill it in right.


If you were using Power Automate to capture the results, you could also manipulate the number into a the desired format using an Expression.


Hope that helps with some ideas.


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Thanks Damien!

Microsoft Forms stinks in this regard; however, my best practice is to require only numbers in the field and limit entry between 2000000000 and 9999999999.


When you download your results into Excel, convert the fields to numbers (because for some reason the results download as text) and then format the cells using the "special" option for a phone number to generate data such as (201) 555-1212, etc.