Creating a feedback board for upvote and down vote

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Hi All,


Is it possible to create a ms form that is builds on the idea of up-voting and down voting accessible by public - like uservoice. this is a solution for sharepoint, but is it possible to create something similar through power automate to send items to a ms-form and allow public to vote up/down on the items.




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It's not possible to send items to a Microsoft Forms form with Power Automate, you can only get each response. There is no solution in Forms for up and down voting.

@David Lay You could set it up on a public sharepoint site?

@Emi_K9 public sites in SharePoint Online haven't been possible since about 2017!


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@RobElliott, :( Sorry. I work at a place with Intranet. But wouldn't it be possible to create a sharing link that could be sent to "anyone with the link?"