Creating a Custom/Unique ID

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I would like to create a request form ..
I would like each new request to have a unique id ..
Where the 1st character is the location [based on the input for "Location"]
Where the numeric series is the date [formatted in yyyy/mm/dd] and -01 [as the 1st request of that day and incremented for each additional request made during the day]
Is this possible? Would I have to create an Excel spreadsheet 1st and then convert it to a form?
If so .. I would still need insight on how to make this happen [in Excel I would create a 'helper column']

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@JP2Ro to do this you will need to create a flow in Power Automate to grab the form response, lookup the current maximum ID, add 1 to it, apply that to the form response then create a new list item in SharePoint (or possibly an Excel list although I always prefer SharePoint).


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Working in MS Forms is new to me .. so going to give this a shot :smiling_face_with_smiling_eyes:
Thank you very much