Created a form, but unable to see it in my domain

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Hi! I have created a form, but can not trace it, when i log into my forms account again. Please help


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We'll need some more information to help you. Where did you create it from? Your own 'My Forms' Page or is it a group form?

@AndyRathI created it under the 'My Forms' section by clicking new forms. here is the link to the form that I had created, but it is not accessible to me to check the responses.


Without wanting to sound condescending double check you are logged into the correct account/tenant that it was created under, if so double check your OneDrive (usually the top level folder) to make sure you're in possession of the Excel file that the results are being saved to.

If the excel file isn't in your OneDrive I am pretty sure it'll have been saved under another account meaning it'll be a service call with Microsoft to trace which account owns it!

Many thanks @AndyRath yes, I was actually created the form from personal live account. :facepalm: Thanks for the help. :) 


lol Easily done, glad to be able to help