Copy questions from different Forms (Quizzes) to create a Unit/Semester test/exam.

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A few teacher friends are wanting to take their chapter quizzes (up to 8 different Forms) and combine them into one summative assessment at the end of a unit.  We see where they can duplicate questions inside a Form and even duplicate a Form, but no way to combine questions.  It could be done if they could copy questions from one Form to another, but we cannot see that capability either.

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@Spencer Lunsford there's no way to copy questions from one form to another. But to summarise the responses from different forms you could use several different flows in Power Automate, all saving the responses to a single SharePoint list. Then you could analyse the responses from there.


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@RobElliott Thanks for the info on the response options.  I wonder if the Forms programmers have an idea like copy/paste from one Form to another on their road-map?  For educators, being able to create a more comprehensive summative assessment from earlier used formative assessments is truly a desirable assessment software component.

This is absolutely ridiculous! Copying a question from one form to another (both Microsoft Forms) should be as easy as Copy and Paste between Word docs!
Agreed! I have one question in a form that I want to move to another - specifically because it has 95 options that I typed in underneath it. I don't want to have to type in all of those drop down options each and every time. Come on, Microsoft!! Make copying questions from one form to another A PRIORITY to FIX!!!
Precisely. They used to have a workaround before. But now, even that no longer available.

@Rajendren7 it's no help after the event, but the workaround for copying a big list of choice options is to put it into an Excel sheet first then copy/paste it into the appropriate question in each form.


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