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I am trying to create a dissertation research questionnaire, and I need to send out 2 versions of the questionnaire, one of them, slightly altered.


I've created the elaborate 'A' questionnaire including branching, but there is no option to copy/duplicate it so that i can simply make some minor changes to the 'B' version of the questionnaire.


Previous help files identified that there should be a COPY functioning the options list, but this no longer appears, then others state that you need to go to the 'All My Forms' section and select it from there, this is also broken and tells me to try later - how much later?


Along with still not having basic text editing - this is a real poor show from Microsoft. Moving to Google for my next research survey.






no copy option.png all my forms error.PNG

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@Mike_T17 Interesting 1 hour after posting tis the Copy button suddenly re-appears ! Greta that it is fixed but shame no body from MS actually bothers to advise its fixed - just fixes it for next time you use it and 'hey presto' its been working all along ( and blame user error) grrrrrrr....

I am having the same problem. The menu no longer contains a copy option. This is what I have. What happen?





I was having the same problem,

then I noticed that clicking on list of forms instead of tiles (upper right corner) the option reappears. 

That saved me a lot of work.


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Please click on "All My Forms" to find the options such as move/copy/delete in the new layout


See: Copy a form - Office Support (

@Jon_Kay Thank you, that works! 

Thank you ! @Jon_Kay