Copy form questions into another form?

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I'm an absolute beginner. My work provides a cloud version of O365 which includes Forms. 


I created a form to see if I could figure it out on my own and it looks like I did. My problem is that I think I did things backward because the data from the form responses is meant to go into an excel spreadsheet. I know that if I'm in excel I select Insert New Form (I saw no option to use an existing form) and it takes me to forms and starts me creating a new form. The problem is that I already created the form and reaaaaally don't want to have to assemble it again, since it's long and has branching stuff. 

How can I either:
- When I insert a new form in excel and it automatically prompts a new form creation to paste the already created form questions, logic, etc into the new one? or,
- Use the already existing form when wanting to add collected data to my existing excel spreadsheet?

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@veroa my recommendation is to always start from Forms. Did you see that when you are designing the form and testing it, if you go to the Responses tab the form is saved as a spreadsheet anyway? If you then need to put the responses into a different spreadsheet you'd need to do that with a flow in Power Automate or a copy-and-paste. But the spreadsheet of responses is there for you already.




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@RobElliott surely you should never start with the Form as the spreadsheet is then saved locally when downloaded. which makes it impossible to do any collaborative work.   On the other hand by simply creating the spreadsheet in Office 365, and clicking Insert Form etc. the spreadsheet is then saved in Sharepoint which facilitates collaboration, and you can see the form entries updating in real time.


MS Forms is very basic and clunky to use and is years behind Google Forms in terms of ease of use.