Controlling access in a group form

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I have created a simple for for a customer for students to complete in the University intranet.  The form triggers a Power Automate flow which saves the responses to a SP List and emails a confirmation back to the student, simple enough.

As a consultant, my account is temporary so I have moved the form to the 365 Group that will be owning the process.  Despite the fact that I am still currently an owner I can no longer share the form with other IT staff to maintain it, the team using it won't have the technical ability to do so, but I would rather the IT techs aren't a member of the group. That share option has been removed now


Under Who can access, AT is me and HF is the group.  Clicking on that text shows that, but there's no option to share with anyone else.  


I am a member of the group so should have ownership rights still.

Finally a couple of more questions,

is there any way to move a form to another group?

I am a member of a lot of groups in this tenant, as I've been building their SharePoint for them.  The My Groups section in Forms doesnt seem to be able to show all of them, and there's no filter/search ability

Why isn't there an PowerShell for managing forms?


Thanks y'all

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