Conditional Survey by Department

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Hey there!

I've been trying to figure this out for a while, so any help would be appreciated.

I'm trying to create a survey using Microsoft Forms, in which I am limiting answers to my organization, once per user, and collecting the names of said users.

Thing is, I'd like to either forward to a secondary form or to a specific question within said form depending on which department the user is a part of.

The naming scheme that we use at our organization implies both the department and the employee number on the username of each user, so I could either parse through the logged in username to define branching (where the first two letters are the department ID and the following six numbers are the employee number, followed by the domain name), or parse the identifying elements of the account based on any element of an Excel Workbook containing the company directory to redirect them to their corresponding section.

Thing is, I'm not quite sure where or how can I define said restrictions, given the ideal result would be as following:

If user0 from department_x opens form0, redirect to form_department_x
Else if user0 from department_y opens form0, redirect to form_department_y (...)
Then export form0_results to Workbook_0 and append user0.

Is this possible using forms by itself, or perhaps by doing scripting?
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