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Hi all,


I'm hoping to setup some company wide forms that all users in the company can see and enter responses into. Some examples are IT requests and a Suggestion Box.


I was hoping to use MS Forms, however I can't see any way to have a shared form that allows entry only access to without staff being able to edit the form. I could setup a group, however I think this would allow them to be edited.


I was also hoping they might be able to log into Forms and see a list of all our company forms in one place.


Does anyone know of a way to do this?


Thank you in advance, Matt.

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Create regular forms and provide links to them (not sharing links, but regular links to complete a form) on some intranet site.

@wroot thank you!


I did have that thought and was thinking I could put them on a SharePoint site. The reason I've not yet done this is because we don't use SharePoint currently and would need to train.


Sounds like this is really the only option. 


Thank you for you help.

@casburn click on Share in the top right and give your staff the copy link in the first box (see the image below). Users won't be able to edit the form. If there is anyone that you want to be able to edit the form then you give the the link in the Share to Collaborate box.


Eventually when you get SharePoint you can add a Microsoft Forms web part which will open the form and means the users don't need the link.


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@RobElliott thank you!