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Combining two Forms for Reporting Purposes

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Hello everyone,


I initiated a MS Forms for customers where they can fill their request. Later on employees will manually type in the Excel if they took over the request or forwarded it. This helps me for reporting purposes to deliver information to my management how many requests we solved by ourselves. Now I want to create a second forms in which the customer should fill out additional information if we take over the case. I want in this second forms the informations from the first forms already saved, so when I later create an Excel Sheet I have all information on this certain customer at once. Is something like this possible?

Thank you in advance!

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@xxibgdrgn with the standard Microsoft Forms it is not possible to pre-populate information.


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Do you have any other solution in which I could understand from the second excel sheet that one information is connected to the information of the first forms?
in order to achieve something like this, you will need to incorporate SharePoint Online.
the initial Form to collect information is good the way you have it. Now you need a place to store the data you are collecting, so if you create a SharePoint site (team site) you can save the date on a list. For the second part after the decision is made to take over a case you can invite the person as a guest to your tenant with verification MFA and create a custom form using Power Apps from the list where you are saving the information collected. Now you are creating a type of data storage and customer engagement. Depending on your tenant configuration you can allow the guest to upload documents to the folder within that same SharePoint site.

@Guilleni2050 I like this idea a lot and would like to implement it. I think I will be able to create the SharePoint and store data there with Flow. But I do not know how to do the steps with Power Apps. I know it's maybe a lot to ask but could you propose me a step-to-step solution there so I can recreate it? It would really mean a lot to me.


Thank you very much.