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Hi Folks,

I have two identical questionnaires in Forms and I would like to integrate the replies into one Forms.

I have attempted to copy the data into the Excel of the first Forms directly in sharepoint - however, Forms is way too clever for me because it refuses to take into account the additional lines in the spreadsheet.

When an additional reply is received - it adds this as an entry - below the data that I added - and counting from the previous entry...... How can I fool Forms to take into account the entire spreadsheet?

Is there a 'counter' on the number of replies received that I need to manually update?

Thanking a million, Lara Croft.


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@Lara_Croft adding rows manually into the spreadsheet behind the form won't work and you can't fool Forms into looking at the entire spreadsheet. Also there is no counter that you can manually adjust.


But you can achieve what you want with a couple of simple flows in Power Automate, each of which will add a row into a table in the same spreadsheet in your One Drive (note: not the spreadsheet behind the form).


So first of all create your spreadsheet with a column for each question in the form. Format it as a table.


At its simplest the flow then just needs the "When a new response is submitted" trigger, followed by the first action which is "Get response details". Then finally you have an Excel action "Add a row into a table". When you select the file and the table the action will add the columns in from the spreadsheet and you select the relevant question from the dynamic content box on the right.


You do exactly the same for the second form, just selecting the different form for the trigger and the get response details action. Then whenever a form is submitted from either form it will add the response into the spreadsheet.




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Thank you Sooooooooooooooo much for taking the time to reply :)