Combining Forms Responses/Results

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Is there, by chance, anyway that I can combine or pool results from different forms together to analyze the data?

For example, if I were a teacher giving the same quiz to multiple classes, or one class per semester, but want to keep the forms separate for comparison sake, is there a way to combine the responses (perhaps in sharepoint) to analyze that data? Class 1 and Class 2 are taking the same form, but I want to individual results of both, as well as combined results to see how both classes did, as a whole.

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It's not easy to find an solution to allow different people fill in same one Form. Maybe it's a work-around that Google Form allows people to edit the response in a submitted form.

@Caitlin Wagner probably best to look to using Flow/Power Automate for this.


depending on if you know the identity of the user via login you can use the same form and then use a formula in the excel data file.


or .. i would just have the quiz have a select list at the top for the classes .. let the user pick the class they are in .. maybe even have a branch to have slightly different questions


lastly .. use shuffle questions/answers to randomize the order of questions.