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I am a fairly new user of Forms and I am not sure if what I want to do is even possible. I send forms out for teachers to fill in regarding specific students. There are four distinct section and I would like to colour fill each area is that possible?


Also when I click open in Excel to see the responses, only some of the question displays. if I copy it from the form into a new row, then the whole question shows, but I cannot delete the original row only hide it. Any suggestions?




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@JuliaTeignmouth3007 it's not possible to colour fill each section in a form., the whole form maintains the same style throughout.


Sorry, I can't answer your second point as I don't have that happen; for me the whole of each question is in the cell in the spreadsheet. But @Dingkun Xie from Microsoft is here frequently so will be able to answer your question.


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Thanks, I had a feeling that it was not possible but thanks for the confirmation