Collecting Survey Respondent Specific Data

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I have a "Project Survey" template that will go out to engineers, PM's and client to get a 360 view of our delivery process.


I have an email template as well specific for the "Project Survey".


Both survey and email template use variables for project name, number, and end user (first) name.


#1. I'd like to be able to upload a CSV file with the end user email, name, project number, project name, and company. Then use VARIABLES to populate the project name, project number, and end user name in the survey when it goes out.


#2. I'd like to capture user name, email, project number in the Response Detail (much like NPS, Sentiment, etc is captured by default for those surveys).


#3. Note that I don't want the user to input any of their name or project number, it should be pulled and tracked from the CSV file unbeknownst to them. I do something similarly for NPS using the following link's Flow/CDS setup/update. But can't figure out how to do it for this setup. @Megan_V_Walker

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@Indiemusicboy - hi - you cannot use the CSV import file to import data other than the First Name, Last Name and Email address at this point in time. You could store the CSV file in OneDrive or SharePoint, then create a flow in Power Automate that runs on-demand, and uses the values in the CSV file to pull the variables you need, but you will not be able to do this by importing the CSV file into Forms Pro. 

Thank you @Megan_V_Walker. So if I understand this correctly, I would have a master (all customer) CSV file in ODSP and then create a flow in Power Automate that uses values to pull from the master CSV.

So when I want to send the Forms Pro survey to say 5 of the 500 customers in the master CSV file, would I simply import a CSV with the email, first name, last name of those (5) and then the PowerAutomate flow knows to pull in the appropriate Variables from the master CSV for that survey and its email?

@Indiemusicboy - if you import a CSV file into Forms Pro, you are using the send email functionality which sends it to the email addresses in your file. You have no way to pull other variables in at that time. If you want to pull additional variables to the First Name and Last Name, you will need to create a flow in Power Automate to achieve this. If you want to sometimes send to a small subset of people then looking at a database of some kind would make sense. Otherwise, you could have a column in your CSV file that you've stored somewhere, and have the trigger for the flow be to run when a value in that column changes to indicate they should get the survey email sent to them. It's not ideal, and a database would give you more control and flexibility, but it is doable. 

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I have a question how you are visualizing your survey result. Currently, I am using Excel & Office 365 add-in you can find here 


Here you can find an example for NPS Detail chart and here you can find an example for Liker chart.