Collecting sensitive data with MS365 forms

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We want to migrate mailboxes from IMAP server to MS365 with Migration Batch.

Users passwords are requiered.


How to collect passwords in safe way?


Forms which collect sensitive data can be considered as phishing.

MS 365 Forms does not have a field which changes input characters to stars, or I missed something.


1. We can change users passwords by ourseves but it will logout users from their mail clients.

2. We can ask users to send passwords as SMSes/text messages but it is messy.


Your help would be greatly appreciated.




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Thank you, Andrzej1.
I know those instructions.
Here is my issue in the point number 5:
"These migrations instructions start from the Exchange admin center, and you will need to create a CSV file that lists the email addresses, usernames, and passwords for the mailboxes you want to migrate."
How to collect passwords?
I can change all passwords in source server, but I do not want to disturb mails flow and disconnect people from their mailboxes. When I change passwords, users will have to setup passwords in their clients.


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I would add that if the Administrator or anyone else would ask for the Password - I would certainly refuse (so it's such a hint) but maybe others will agree to it?

The security policy does not allow this.