Collect Different Forms Responses and Put in one Microsoft List

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Is there a way to collect responses from two or more different Forms and place responses in one Microsoft List? Also, is there a way to link to another form using Automate in an email generated after one form response is completed?


For example, I have a Form that a trainee is supposed to fill out following a training event. Once the trainee fills out the form, an email is generated that goes to the trainer's email they selected from the Training Form. The trainer selected gets the email and a link to the trainee's responses to review the responses from the trainee.


I have another Form called the Trainer Response Form, which is what the trainer would ideally fill out after review of their trainee's response. I'd like to collect the responses from the Trainer Response Form and have them populate in the same Microsoft List as the Trainee's form, corresponding to the trainee's responses.


Additionally, what I'd like to do is somehow have a link to the Trainer Response Form within the email that is generated to the Trainer after the trainee completes the Training Form.


Is this possible, or did I just merely give the Microsoft a new idea that I should get credit for, lol?

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@EmmittS3 it's all completely do-able using a flow in Power Automate. I'm tied up in meetings this morning but will post up a how-to with screenshots as soon as possible.


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@RobElliott - Glad to know it is doable. That gives me hope. Looking forward to the response because I have been trying to figure this out on my own and have not been able to figure it out.

@RobElliott - Have you had a chance to work on the how-to of this, or direct me to someone or a source that can help me figure this out?