Collect data from multiple Forms instances in a single BI data set

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I need to create a survey with MS-Forms involving 30 organizations and about 10 users for each organization. The survey consists of 10 questions. Not all organizations will have all the 10 questions. 5 organizations will only have 8 of the 10 questions. The organizations do not need to know that the others are also involved in the survey. To analyze the data, I thought of aggregating the answers via Flow into a BI dataset and do the analysis grouped by organization. My questions are:
a) to split the data by organization do I have to create 30 modules (one module for each organization) or can I somehow create 1 module to distribute to all 30 organizations?
b) should I create two types of Forms (one with 8 and the other with 10 questions) or can I somehow make them dynamic?
c) can I aggregate all the answers of all 30 organizations with a single Flow into a single BI dataset?
d) if I cannot do c) how can I aggregate all the answers in one BI dataset?



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