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We are using forms to submit a change request is there a way for a user to clone a form  they have already  completed and submitted then change a couple of their entry's in just a some of the fields and submit it as a new form  

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Hi @Murray-Scott 

You can do it:


  1. Click on share button
  2. Copy the "Share as a Template" link
  3. Send it to the user



After this will be able to duplicate it.


Hope this helps.



Thanks unfortunately dont get that option our adim may have turned it off only get copy link

Hi @Murray-Scott


Got it, in that case if you want to ask to enable that feature, below is the link with the steps that the admin need to follow.




@jaymaradiaga thanks ill pass it on 

Is there a way to do this automatically? We will have about 3,000 respondents and doing this manually would take forever. We're hoping to create a form, send it out, users complete it, and we analyze the data. Then, a year later, we would like to send them the same form so they can update the information instead of starting over. Is there a way to automate this process? Perhaps with a user login?

@tccook no, there's currently no way to do that.


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Good to know. Thanks.