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Hi All,


This is my first post, hoping you can help - My objective is  for a form to be created for IT Changes that users can complete and then a select audience is notified when a form has been submitted, also the forms will need to be stored so we they can be reviewed if need in the future.


I have created a change form within MS Forms and linked it to a new MS Teams Channel so when responses are received an alert is received within the channel and also linked it to to Power Automate so responses go to multiple users.  This hasn't quite achieved as it's the same form i'm receiving responses for.  Is there any advice on how I can provide a seperate change form for every request and then also have this stored and with pre-defined notifications ?


Many Thanks

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@dmistry21 what you need to do is to setup your flow so that each form response is saved into a SharePoint list in your Teams site. Then have an action to send the email to the people you want to receive it.


So create your list with one column for each question in your form making sure that for a any long answer in the form that you use a multiple lines of text column. I always use the Title column for the responder's email address but you don't have to do that.


Next, in Power Automate your trigger will be "When a new response is submitted" followed immediately by the first action which is "Get response details". In my example I'm going to personalize the email so I add an Office 365 Users "Get user profile (V2) action.




Next we add the answer from each form question into the SharePoint list using the SharePoint "Create item" action.



We always add our company logo into our emails the next is to get the logo from our SharePoint document library with "Get file content using path" and you select the location of the image.



Finally we send an email In my example we're sending the email back to the respoinder and copied to a shared mailbox, but you could send it to a number of different recipients separated by a semi-colon. Because I'm adding the image and other HTML tags I've turned on the code view </> which allows for more control over the email result.



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@RobElliott Thankyou for getting back - Think I followed the steps however may have an incorrect value somewhere.  I created the list directly in MS Lists as doesn't look to be integrated directly in our Sharepoint or I don't have access.


I created the flow as per the below:


When running a test, it appears with the following error:



Drilling into the detail it shows the following:



I did change the "When is the change to be implemented" to be both date and text in case there was an input restriction but the same error.  I tested at this stage and didn't proceed to setting up the email option.


Is this a step in automate that's been missed ?





You've got it wrong at the beginning as you've got an "Apply to each" after the trigger of "When a new response is submitted". This is wrong but is common if you use a Power Automate template to create your flow. Don't do this, create from a blank flow. You don't need the the Apply to each and it is wrong to use it. You will see in my flow that I don't have that but just go straight to the "Get response details action".

So don't use a template but create your flow from scratch and follow the steps I gave you.

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Perfect, that was the error, manually creating the workflow has worked. There's a couple of minor tweaks I need to make, do you know if the following is possible ?

1) For every new form submission, is it possible when stored in Sharepoint there is a column option that gives the entry a unique identifier automatically - eg Chg001 for the first submission, CHG002 for the next etc
2) One of my form questions is for a date/time to be entered however MSForms only gives a date option and no time, anyway to get around this ? I tried 'text' but in sharepoint it doesn't like the numerical values. You can go into Sharepoint after and manually enter the date/time manually however was hoping there was a way to do this directly from the form.

Many thanks for the help so far.

@dmistry21 yes this can be done in your flow and will give the following result:



The InvNumber column is a single line of text column.


For an incrementing unique identifier with text ahead of it you would first of all need a second list which would only ever have 1 item in it: in the title column the item is Next. There is then a number column to hold the next number.



The your flow is as follows and sets the number in the main list with CHG in front of it and adds 1 to the increment list:








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Thanks again - Following the steps I'm tripping up with some of the options, notably I don't see the 'ComposeNext' option, only 'Compose' is listed and also 'Update Increment' doesn't appear listed, could this be a permissions issue or am I looking in the wrong place ?


I created a new list called 'Change Increment' and edited my original flow so it now looks like this:






They are just what I have renamed the actions to to make them more understandable! So ComposeNext is just a Compose control renamed. renaming is always a good idea if you have a complex flow or many actions and you might not remember what each one is, particularly in expressions.

Got it - so my sticking point is at the 'Update item' stage where I get the following error.  Here i'm selecting my main list in the screenshot however it only accepts the new list that's been created: