certain questions for certain users?

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I would like to create a poll but only for certain M365 users, so no public poll. Suppose I have 9 questions, but not every user should answer all questions. Is that possible?



 User AUser BUser C
Question 1XX 
Question 2XX 
Question 3XX 
Question 4X  
Question 5X X
Question 6XXX
Question 7XXX
Question 8XXX
Question 9XXX


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@TylonHH Forms can't do branching automatically based on who the current logged-in user is, so you would need to ask them for their name or email and then based on that you could branch to different questions.


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Thank you for the confirmation. That's what I was afraid of. From the user's point of view, it makes little sense to select his name again in Forms after logging in.
I will then use several forms and then summarize the results.
Thank you