Cannot view responses for my new forms

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I created a couple new forms and filled them out. When I click on "responses," I see the data load briefly and then it switches to "Sorry, something went wrong." I've tested this several times with at least three forms since yesterday, and the error is consistent. I was about to demo the new forms in a meeting today, and I'm worried I cannot do this successfully if the responses page continues throwing an error. FYI: I tried in Chrome and IE, no difference.

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Hi Katrin

It doesn't sound great. The error isn't a browser issue from the sound of it but server side.

If it doesn't resolve with creating and using a new form, I would suggest logging a support ticket for Microsoft to look into it.

Best wishes!


Yes, I opened a ticket the other day. Hopefully we will get this resolved today. But it isn't instilling confidence in the product- I spoke with someone the other day who had a completely unrelated but very bizarre issue with one of her forms. :(

I love the end-user experience of Forms but I see too many stories like this to completely trust it yet--if you want to continue using Forms and are looking for a way to "stabilize" your ability to view responses, a workaround I use is a Forms -> Flow -> SharePoint List process that copies every response to a SharePoint list. It's not really worth it for short-term Forms, but if you're using something that's intended to stick around a while, I've written up more about what I do in another post.

Thanks- I'll take a look. That certainly sounds like it would help my case since I cannot view responses at all, but the other case I heard about was really bizarre. The person created a signup sheet with a simple choice column question to select days/times, and I guess a name field or something. Anyway, a person went to fill in the form, but the "question" for the name field was another person's name. Like somehow the person who last filled out the form somehow overwrote the question with her name? Something bizarre. Sadly, I cannot confirm how it worked, as I only heard about it and didn't see it reproduced.

Keep in mind, my method wouldn't be able to save any of your past responses, just future ones.

Yes, I figured. We still have the form in test mode since I won't launch until this is resolved. So no worthwhile responses in there yet. That said, what's funny is that for the brief second I *can* see the responses (before the page crashes and displays the error), if I'm fast enough, it lets me click the link to download the results in Excel. 

Hi Katrin,


Could you send us your form URL and detail error code?

It will help us troubleshoot.