Cannot find a Form after moving it to a Teams

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After creating a Form, I moved it to one of Teams. Unfortunately I cannot find it - looked at Chats, Files etc... please advise how to find it, thanks, Eri

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Go to the Team itself > Files Tab (Not Files in the left hand menu) and then Open in SharePoint. Do you see it there? With the new files experience rolling out you may actually see it in the Files Tab itself.

Let me know how you get on - and hope it answers your question!

Best, Chris

did you find a solution to moving the form to a teams group, i need to find my form asap, really appreciate if you can help@Champion99 

They should be in the root of that document library! Go to SharePoint as @Chris Hoard wrote and go back to the root!

You can also tab the library in teams if you want quick access to those files



I had this same issue and wasn't able to find it in Sharepoint. When I added the forms using the forms link underneath a chat field I can't find it in What I did was at the top of the chat window I added Forms using the + symbol. I have Chat, Files and Polls. When I added Forms the tab was named Polls. Right there is where I was able to view the results of the form that I added to the chat. 


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Ok, seeing this with fresh eyes, the form would be moved to be a group form within a Microsoft 365 Group, of which a Team is based on. You should be able to see it by going to Forms in and then it appears under one of the groups




Then it will appear under existing forms when adding as a Tab :D




You can get to it either way, then look at the results of the form :D


Best, Chris