Cannot access my survey in MS Forms

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Hello all, 


I had created a survey for customers to complete and sent out successfully. I have since changed laptops and I am now unable to access the form to download the results. When i log in to my Office 365 profile i can see the form. When I click to open it takes me to the web browser and again i can see it, however, when I then go to open it comes back saying I don't not have permission to edit the form. 


The error code is:


Session id: 7fb008c1-cba2-4a1f-84ec-cd397dc2b7bb, Correlation id: 31c6bfd9-79e3-4815-a408-b16f24c6bbbc


I have tried using my personal account as well, however, I get the same result. 


Any assistance would be great. 


Thank you 



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