Cannot access Microsoft Forms link

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I have recently create Microsoft forms to capture RSVP for our event.

In the eDM invitation guest who wish to register for the event just click on the register link and will bring them to Microsoft form to key in their details.  The link has been working very well until this morning when our guest tired to register they received this message.


"Form can no longer be accessed.
The account associated with this form has been blocked."
Please help to advise how to fix this.
Thank you.


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@Lee_YS  Same thing happened with my event registration form yesterday- "Form can no longer be accessed". Please support!


Yes, I get the same issue too, My account was recently blocked and I managed to unblock it. I recently created an RSVP form for my customers and they cannot click on the link and cannot scan the QR code.
Please help to rectify this issue as soon as possible.

Technical Details: 

Session id: de40c925-12d4-4a39-8f6b-78d2fc1dfa5b, Correlation id: 2df6ed17-7007-4b95-874d-63537ed8a4c6

same here...any new?