Cannot access forms link

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Cannot access forms link. 
IS there some setting for restrictions?




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Please expand on 'Technical details'. You will see a session ID and correlation ID. Please share them with me, and I will check our telemetry to see what's wrong here.
the same thing is happening to me, this is the technical details
Session id: 1b5b614c-73fc-40c0-b703-e6781d706f52, Correlation id: 5e8ded21-772d-4ab3-abd5-c4f0a4f709d4



I cannot find the session you provided. This could be due to data expiration. If possible, please obtain a new session ID and include the error message. Additionally, please let me know if the form was created by your organization's account or a Microsoft account (MSA).

the error message is "sorry, something went wrong. please make sure you have permission to access this form."
I have no idea who made it
Session id: a7e9dd0c-6ee2-468f-8ed4-e183bfd03610, Correlation id: a91ee2a7-6ec3-4a21-b35c-494038f558ec



Telemetry indicates that the form was created under the same organization as yours, but the form owner is a different user from the account you are using to access it. It's possible that you were a co-author of this form and have been removed by the form owner.

yeah i didn't make the form at all, but everyone else in my course can access it. it's only me having an issue even though none of us made the form, except the tutor.



Do you want to respond to the form or do you want to edit the form as a co-author? If you want to respond to the form, you may have accessed the wrong link. The response link should be like this: If you want to edit the form content, you may need to ask the form owner to add you as a co-author.

i want to respond to the form, it comes up designpage instead of responsepage in the link, do i need to ask for a new link?



Yes, you can ask the form owner to share the correct response link, or you can construct the response link from a design link yourself. The form id is appended after the query string '?id=' in the design link, and you can simply obtain the response link by using the form id value that you obtained from the design link -, replace xxxx with the form id you get from design link.