Can you populate form choices from external list i.e. Sharepoint?

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Wondering if there is any way to get a Form to read choices for a question from an external source say a SharePoint online list?


This would make it easier to manage the list without having to update the form each time new options were added.


For example, if I had a form with a question asking for budget code to be entered, i would rather pull a list from a common external source than have to remember to update the form each time a code is added or removed?


Thanks in advance.


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I dont think you can have a Question in the Form pull from a DataSource.

You only have the option to automatically update response to an Excel in SharePoint or OneDrive

Hi @jonathangledhill 


@Maruthi Gaddeis right that there's currently no way to source data from external sources to use in Forms.


I suspect that it logically may be a future option but for now you'll have to keep doing the changes in Forms.




Thanks All, I'll pop something in uservoice :)

@jonathangledhill   any answer from microsoft  with a solution to this obvious request yet? My company needs simple solutions like theese and this looks still pending in 2020.

@Manuel_Angelini Been looking for this feature as well.... any news?

Hi @Bigshow77 


Not yet AFAIK.




It would be great to hve a feature as the one @jonathangledhill mentions.  populate excel values as options into mcrosoft forms answer will make it much richer.  It would also be great to populate access values as options into mcrosoft forms answer and other tools such as these. Is there a timeline to do this from microsoft?

Form is still getting hanged up when there are more option in drop down.
In desperate need to auto populate drop down list from external source.

Would love this as well. I was trying to make a form with a question for the country of origin and putting every country in a dropdown list is not worth the time.

@PRossberg you don't have to enter the countries individually, you can drag and drop them all from Excel straight into your choice question in 1 go.


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@RobElliott oh didn't know that thanks. That makes the whole process a little easier but sadly doesn't solve my next problem of asking about spoken languages since that would be a multiple choice answer at would be way better in a drop down but sadly those can't be multiple choice. I would love the option for a new possible "Other" answer to pop up whenever a previous one is filled out so the person can fill out whatever languages they speak but don't have to do so in a single text box.
But thanks for your help so far I will keep that in mind.

I just discovered that you can only drag and drop one answer option at a time so this sadly does not help much in the end.

@PRossberg not so. Select your list of items from Excel and copy (ctrl+c), click in the Option 1 answer and paste them in (ctrl+v) as I demonstrate in the attached video.


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Intranet, SharePoint and Power Platform Manager (and classic 1967 Morris Traveller driver)

I presume I just did it wrong before because it added all of the countries into the first answer option. Once again thank you very much