Can users add new field when filling out a form

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We are a member-based association, and I am trying to create an application form for new potential members to fill out when joining our organisation.
as our membership consists of Companies, I would like to have a field for the individual contact (staff member) to be added to a company profile, however do not want to have a long list of fields showing for this, but just one option for one contact, and if necessary, the user can choose to add a new contact, creating a new field upon request to add more staff to the member company (up to 6 individual contacts per company).
Is this a possibility, and if so, how do i do this.


Thank you.

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@Charlie-bpcc you would need to add a section for each contact up to 6, a question in that section for the new contact email and a question (except the 6th) for "Do you wish to add another contact?". Use branching on the questions to either go to the next contact section, continue with the form or submit it depending on how you've laid out the form.


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@Rob_ElliottThank you, I will give that a try.