Can't re-open a survey - suggestions?

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We tried out Forms for the first time with a 15-question survey.  We set an end date, got some responses, but were not satisfied with the quantity of responses, so we are looking to get more.  I can't figure out how to conduct the same survey again, here is what was attempted:


-change the end date for a survey that has expired.  Get an error message "We couldn't save your changes. Please refresh the page.".  Also tried several combinations of changing start date, end date, accepting responses, all same error message.

-assuming this is a feature not a bug, I then copied the survey to conduct it once again.  However, in the copy function, the start & end dates are also copied, so I can't conduct a new survey with a copy of the old one.  I'm also unable to delete this copied survey, even though it has zero responses and is expired.  


Would prefer to simply re-open the original survey so that all responses are commingled, but if there was a way to copy an expired survey and re-use that, that is an acceptable backup solution.


Any ideas?

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Hi @chicago225


It doesn't sound a normal experience at all and I'm certainly not experiencing it myself. It may be an issue with Forms itself and may require a ticket.


If you want, you could try a few things as well, such as to try a different web browser, or to see if you can untick End date and then reapply it when you want to close the survey.


Otherwise a ticket with Microsoft might be the way to go?


Cheers and good luck



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please help if possible

Hi @babaloxipu 


Not too sure on the backend stuff as I don't deal with that side, but there may have been a change by your IT team to prevent the Forms being shared externally.


Maybe try getting your IT guys to check in the Admin Center if External Collaboration is turned off?


Is your form external or for internal distribution only?


Maybe one of the other people here have some ideas?