Can't create a form in a Team from a template

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I have a template link to a Form, and wish to add a copy of that form to a Team so that the members can edit the form and view live results. When adding a Form in a team (eg by clicking + at the top) there is no option to add from a template link. When following a template link, the Form will only add to my own collection of personal forms. Whereas I can then add that form to the Team it won't provide the live results to the team members, probably because they're on my personal account.

So is there a way to add a form in a team from a template? I don't really want to laboriously re-create the Form.
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Hi @JoeN-667 

On the Micrsoft Forms landing page and go to "All my Forms" (direct link to "All my Forms").
There you can click on the three dots and move the form to the specific team.


Hope this helps and regards.

Hi @Lars365 I tried this but the Excel table with the responses doesn't get moved to the teams channel. If I go under files in teams, it's not there.