Can Power Automate send a reminder of specific information from a MS Form?

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Hi All, I am just getting my head around using Power Automate and have a question. I have an MS Form that is used to collect data relating to guests arriving at my company. Employees can fill it out in advance so that the reception team know guest visiting and if there is any requirement for catering etc.  I already use Power Automate to send this information to the reception team when the form is submitted but is there any any way to have Power Automate send a summary each week of the guests coming that week based on the dates submitted to the MS Form???  Thanks in advance for any help Andrew 

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@ALangford yes it's quite do-able but only if you use the original flow to save the form response into a SharePoint list - you could use Excel but I always prefer a SharePoint list. The reason you need to do it this way is that Power Automate has no way to access the spreadsheet behind the form. We do it to let our facilities managers know on a Sunday evening which desks have been booked for the following week. I'll dig out the flow and post up the solutions asap.


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@RobElliott - Thanks very much,. I have been doing some reading and have found articles about using Lists and planners . I'd be very interested in your solution. Many thanks
Andrew .
Have you posted this flow yet? I am having issues as well.