Can one create Forms survey questions dynamically?

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I work in a school and I would like to create a survey that links to a some form of database (mysql, access, even Excel would probably do) in the following way:


1: Survey Question: What class are you in? Select from: A, B, C.


2: Pupil chooses B, say.


3: The result B is used as query, something like (Select teacher from db where
class='B') and returns a list of teachers.


4: Survey Question: Select one of you teachers from the given list (which is of course the list
generated above).


I hope that this makes sense. I'll attach a graphic I drew to visualise better what I am trying to achieve.


Is this possible in Forms?

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@geoffthun unfortunately it's not possible for Forms to link to any external data source or create questions dynamically. One of the uservoice requests for this which you can vote for is here.


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I followed your link and voted, being the 24th person for a request open since  2018! I suppose one can assume this is not going to happen. It's strange that Microsoft have all these apps but no interconnectivity. All the same, many thanks for the response.

@geoffthun there's a vast amount of connectivity between apps if you make use of Power Automate, another of the Office 365 apps, which has connectors for about 300 different apps. But unfortunately the only trigger related to Forms is "When a new response is submitted" so it's only from Forms. It gets each response and then takes actions. There's no trigger or action to inject something into a form.


One example of how we connect up apps at my company is with an IT ticketing system I built which starts with a user submitting their problem or request via a Forms form embedded in a a page on our SharePoint intranet. A flow in Power Automate gets that response, saves it to a Triage list on a different SharePoint site, sends the user a nicely-formatted confirmation email with company logo with the Tracker ID from that Triage list and the details of what they submitted on the form and where they can view progress. Our IT Team assign that ticket to one of 3 support engineering teams by making use of a customised Power Apps form using buttons to trigger another flow to alert the engineer. When the status of the ticket is changed to Closed that also triggers another flow in Power Automate that automatically emails the user that their problem or request has been dealt with. So that's connectivity between Forms, SharePoint, Outlook with a bit of Power Apps thrown in, all done via flows in Power Automate.


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